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Pure Lux Hair is known for having the best curly hair extension colleciton online.  Our curly human hair is amazingly beautiful. Pure Lux curly remy hair is a beautiful curl pattern.  Curly hair has always been known for its effortless natural beauty.  Curly hair, the go to for natural hair extensions.  

No other curly hair will give you the curls that pure lux hair curly hair extensions give you.

Curly hair can be worn just with water only to give you a beautiful fluffy curl.  Curly hair extensions can be micro linked with your natural hair to give yo a seamless natural hair style.  You can use the same products on our curly hair extensions as you use on natural curly hair.

You will see the Pure Lux difference in our high quality virgin lux curly hair extensions.  But in case you want to change it up we have the straight hair extensions for a sleek natural look.   The wavy hair extensions for flow easy beach hair style look.  And our kinky curly hair extensions for an effortless coily natural bohemian goddess look.  Take your time and collect all of them.  But, whatever you do you have to experience the "Lux Experience."

Brazilian Curly Hair & Bundles