Who doesnt love natural wavy hair extensions.  Our wavy hair is so beautiful and wavy.  Beach waves and salt water is all you can think about when you see our beautul wavy hair extensions.  Wavy hair extensions is not limited to just wavy.  Our wavy hair is interchangable and versatile.  Our hair can be straighten out to give you a beautiful straight sleek look or styled with barrel curls for jaw dropping glam curl waves.  The natural wavy hair extensions are so perfect when just allowed to airdry to produce a light fluffy exotic  natural wavy and flowy wave.  The great thing about our hair is you can just add water and still produce a wonderful work of art.    Wavy is the most popular texture because of its versatility.  Give it a try you wont regret it.  

Our straight hair extensions will always be a staple in our collection and our curly hair extensions will always be the top in line for textured hair.   Give either one a try and find out whey our hair is the most amazing hair in the world.   If you really feeling bold and spunky then our kinky curly hair is the mother of the nations line of hair extensions for texture and culture.  Dive into the world of Pure Lux Hair Extensions.