A beautiful chocolate swirl level #4/27 of softness. A chocolate brown mixed with cinnamon highlights hair extension for a richness in color. Definitely compliments a soft fall color. However, enjoy this delicious brownie hair extension color all year round.

Pure Lux Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  • Straight Texture
  • Color: 4
  • Length: 18"-1 Bundle
  • Length: 20"-1 Bundle
  • Length 22" -1 Bundle
  • 100 Grams                                                                                                                                         – Machine weft is very durable.                                                                                             – Keep clean with clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioners. Detangle and airdry up to 75% before heat drying or heat styling for best results.                                       Pure Lux Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Straight Texture  

Color: 4

Length: 18″ – 4 Bundles

Length: 20" - 3 Bundles

Length: 22″ – 3 Bundles

55 Grams                                                                                                                                      – Hand Tied weft shouldn’t be cut at all. – When cutting the loose ends of the hand tied weft, be sure not to cut too close to the knot as it will cause the extensions to unravel and shed.

Cuticle Remy 100% Natural Hair Extensions

  •  Great For Volume, Density, and Beautiful Lengthy Locks. 
  • Each Bundle Is Handmade From The Finest Hairs From Donors. 
  • Our Euro Bundles Is Exquisite Hair And Goes Through A Slow Processed Color Glossing To Achieve The Most Radiant Hair Colors. 
  • Go Ahead And Endulge In Your Luxury.

Euro Lux | Remy Handtied Hair Extensions | Chocolate Swirl #4/#27